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Bakura Yuri
Bakura Yuri

Kenny Tan (English)國興 (Trad.Chinese)

Guoxing (Japanese)

国兴 (Kanji)진국흥 (Korean)

Yuri (Nick)

Autumn (Nick)

Kenny (Nick)

Birthdate Capricorn 28 December
Gender Male Male
Age 17
Height 171 cm
Weight 45 kg
Species Human
Blood Type B

Yellow Skin People

Naruto Fanon Wikipedia

Classification Sucks Editor


GFX Starter

Hometown Malaysia
Clan Chinese

I am a middle age teenager who lived in Asia. I have yellow skin and black hair, which is the characteristics of people who lived in South East Asia - China, Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan. However, I am not nationality of these countries. Although I don't have the nationality of these countries, I am proud of myself being a descendant of South East people because they achieved many things that made me proud. At the same time, they have some bad side too. Actually I have a big dream. It's united yellow skin people. Yes, I mean China, Korea and Japan united and become one country. Since Chinese, Korean and Japanese came from one land long ago, I think we should united together. I hate the war we had long ago, it worsen the relationship of us. I hope there is no more war in the future and one day we will united together and formed Divine, we are the Divinese. Same to other country who share the same skin color and good luck.


"I am not the best but neither you are."
— Guoxing

"I had my life wasted, became a lifeless human for 17 years. However, from now on, I will start to fill my life with color. It's not too late."
— Guoxing

"Life is precious because it's irreversible. Maybe one day it could, but until then, take good care of your life."
— Guoxing


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